Julia retouching raw

Julia Yaroshenko is a Ukrainian freelance travelling model. Peter and I have known her iconic face for a while (always on 500px and even some photographers in the Peter Coulson Community), and were very excited when Julia e-mailed us letting us know of her travels to Melbourne.

These tutorials are a fly-on-the-wall, start to end of our photoshoot, interview & retouching.

To see all the images on my Blog, click here!

2 comments on “Julia retouching raw

  • I was wondering, what does Peter find as differences in converting to black and white in Camera Raw versus Photoshop? I noticed he decided to not convert an image in Raw first.

    • I find there is a lot of better ways to convert to black & white in photoshop, I can convert via masks and have a lot more freedom, where as and camera raw doesn’t have red, green, and blue channels.
      In saying, I like converting in camera raw as I can play around with shadow fill and highlights easier than in photoshop. At the end of the day it depends on the picture, I can’t tell you what picture is better for what program though, you’ve just got to play around with it 🙂

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