Part 4

Julia Yaroshenko is a Ukrainian freelance travelling model. Peter and I have known her iconic face for a while (always on 500px and even some photographers in the Peter Coulson Community), and were very excited when Julia e-mailed us letting us know of her travels to Melbourne.

These tutorials are a fly-on-the-wall, start to end of our photoshoot, interview & retouching.

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6 comments on “Part 4

  • In Peter’s words simply “STUNNING”!.
    The shots in the door frame are wonderful, and the images of Julia standing in the jeans are are gold. Julia is so amazing at moving and unbelievably beautiful. I have also seen much of her work on 500px and elsewhere but had no idea she was so little. Despite the jeans and topless shots, and her nude work, I find the way Peter can bring out the real beauty in her eyes and face to be the best and most emotive photographs. Outstanding as usual Peter, another reason why you are one of my favourite photographers of all. Now if you could just encourage her to the west coast! I think I would give a limb to shoot with Julia and would never need to shoot again after that. Thank you for sharing the experience. You set such a high bar to reach.

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