Interview with Julia

Julia Yaroshenko is a Ukrainian freelance travelling model. Peter and I have known her iconic face for a while (always on 500px and even some photographers in the Peter Coulson Community), and were very excited when Julia e-mailed us letting us know of her travels to Melbourne.

These tutorials are a fly-on-the-wall, start to end of our photoshoot, interview & retouching.

To see all the images on my Blog, click here!

5 comments on “Interview with Julia

  • This was such a great shoot! Thank you guys so much for documenting it! I contacted Julia a few weeks ago & she’s thinking of visiting here in Hawaii so hopefully I get to work with her too 🙂
    I can’t wait for Anne Duffy’s Inspire videos! She was telling me all about it while we worked together.
    Hi Rozie 🙂 Have a wonderful time on your guys’ trip to Paris for the workshop in May!
    Derrick (From Hawaii)

  • Julia es impactante como modelo, es camaleonica y su actitud es brutal, es lo que valoro a la hora de tener alguien delante de mi camara, me da igual su exceso de belleza, todas son bellas y unicas, pero esta chica es un diamante delante de la camara y junto a Peter, pues nada… que decir, resultados fantasticos, enhorabuena , me encantaria ver mas de julia por aqui

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