RaRa Constant Light

24th of January 2024

Recreating Light With A Small LED

3rd of November 2023

Contrasting & Power Of Light

21st of August 2023

My Favourite Light

29th of May 2023

Kate With A Small Reflector Set-Up

22nd of May 2023

Lindbergh Sunlight

1st of May 2023

Shay LED

10th of April 2023

RaRa Lindbergh Tent

3rd of April 2023

Recreating Sunlight With Anne

8th of March 2023

Recreating Light with Ana

23rd of January 2023

Flash vs HMI vs Led

21st of December 2022

RaRa Rockstar Lighting

29th of November 2022

Simple Lighting For A Garage Studio

23rd of August 2022

4 High Key's With Bec

19th of July 2022

Basic Vloging Light Set-Up

8th of June 2022


18th of May 2022

Beauty Dish Clam Shell

31st of March 2022

The Beauty Dish

31st of March 2022

Slow Shutter Drag

23rd of March 2022

Lighting With Mirrors 2

10th of November 2021

Beautiful Light In Ugly Locations

5th of November 2021

Low Key

3rd of November 2021

Recreating Light With LEDs

8th of October 2021

Lighting With Mirrors

21st of September 2021

Recreating Large Window Light

27th of July 2021

Ana High Key

3rd of June 2021

RaRa Beauty

31st of March 2021

Sometimes Size Matters

24th of March 2021

One Set-Up, Lots Of Looks

8th of February 2021

Lighting The Body

21st of January 2021

Mixed Lighting

12th of January 2021

Beauty Dish

18th of December 2020

RaRa Dapple Light

1st of December 2020

Recreating Light with Bec

11th of August 2020

My Travel Lighting

15th of July 2020

Exposure and Colour

5th of June 2020

Bec Doof

26th of March 2020

Recreating Light With Natascha

23rd of March 2020

Recreating Light With Teisha 3

23rd of March 2020

Recreating Light With Teisha 2

23rd of March 2020

Recreating Light with Teisha

23rd of March 2020

One Light

16th of December 2019


25th of March 2019

Recreating Lighting with CJ

12th of February 2019

6 Lights

9th of January 2019

Designing A Shoot

14th of December 2018

3 Looks in 3 hours

21st of December 2017

Finding light in a House - Los Angeles

30th of November 2017

Natural Light in the Streets - Los Angeles

30th of November 2017


25th of August 2017

Controlling Natural Light

20th of June 2017

Natural Light through Doorways

19th of June 2017

Seeing the Light

1st of June 2017

Natural Light Camera Settings

1st of June 2017

Natural Light Metering

31st of May 2017

Finding the Light

29th of May 2017

Introduction to Studio Techniques

27th of March 2017