Part 1

Julia Yaroshenko is a Ukrainian freelance travelling model. Peter and I have known her iconic face for a while (always on 500px and even some photographers in the Peter Coulson Community), and were very excited when Julia e-mailed us letting us know of her travels to Melbourne.

These tutorials are a fly-on-the-wall, start to end of our photoshoot, interview & retouching.

To see all the images on my Blog, click here!

3 comments on “Part 1

  • Wow Peter! Loved these! Julia is such a stunning model… I’ve seen her work everywhere. She definitely has a certain style of posing and I was really interested to see how long it would take before she felt comfortable enough to work the way you like and if she could manage it. Holy cow, there are some magnificent shots in there, especially once you guys got going a bit. Looking forward to Rozie’s interview and your retouching (Can’t imagine you’ll need a whole lot of that, though).

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