Lighting set up

These tutorials are from a recent commercial editorial shoot with Shay for the clothing label Essua. Peter only uses 1 light and is able to get 4 completely different looks by changing the placement of the light! This is followed by a tutorial showing how to cull photos down to a 20 image selection and retouching. 

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  • This was so incredibly informative… From the lighting setup, to testing the different modifiers for the look you wanted, the camera settings, the settings you played with in Phocus! Thanks!

      • ckonieczny says:

        Grreat, looking forward to see that one! I have an old Hassel H5D-60 and I’m using true focus or manual and I think I’m so slow with focusing. When model moves a lot are you using (around f8) true focus or continuous and maybe if model doesn’t move closer or further away there’s no need to refocus to shoot faster? Where do you focus in different scenarios? With aperture 2.2 or 2.8 or even 5.6 close distance if focusing on eyes I have noticed that the true focus is many times off so I’m using more manual and that’s slow for me.. Just have to practice that more 😀

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