Interview with Shay

These tutorials are from a recent commercial editorial shoot with Shay for the clothing label Essua. Peter only uses 1 light and is able to get 4 completely different looks by changing the placement of the light! This is followed by a tutorial showing how to cull photos down to a 20 image selection and retouching. 

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  • michael andreas says:

    Watched the interviews here with Shay, Bec and RaRa so far.. They all spoke of their boundaries they set for themselves, shoots/photographers, annoyances and their experiences which were very similar.. Mostly positive from what they shared which is good to hear, as I know things can be much worse depending on the choices and professionalism of the model or photographer from what models at different levels of experience and status I knew in Southern California told me.

    Since your 2nd podcast with Bec the first thing that came to mind is you two and maybe another one of your consistent models need to get on Joe Rogan and share these kind of things since models get such a bad rap as not many are looked at as “Professional Artists” which I have always viewed them as. Rogan has not had a model photographer duo on his podcast before and I think these kind of things among many other positives, knowledge and experience from the real professionals need to be told to the world – and nobody better to pass it on than you guys.. Great interviews!

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