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These tutorials are from a recent commercial editorial shoot with Shay for the clothing label Essua. Peter only uses 1 light and is able to get 4 completely different looks by changing the placement of the light! This is followed by a tutorial showing how to cull photos down to a 20 image selection and retouching. 

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  • jakeace160 says:

    This and the editorial shoot of Teisha are among my all time favorite shoots. Only been on inspire for a bit over a week but I feel I’ve learned so much already. I have a question though. How would you achieve this style of lighting(hard contrasty light, not including the white out back lit wall) in a smaller studio space? Would I need to move my light source closer to the model and lower the power?

    Apologies if this isn’t the place for questions. Thank your for the inspiration!

    • Hi Jake, thank you so much, glad you’re learning lots. The floor space of the area we were shooting in was only 4meters x 5meters, and I have brought it down even smaller. The light was only a meter and a half away from Shay, but if youre in a smaller space that that then yes you would need to move the light source closer and lower the power.
      Questions are always welcome, that’s what the comment section is for 🙂

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