Bucket & Brush Tool

These tutorials cover all the tools Peter uses on Photoshop; how he uses them and why he uses them!

Downloadable Photoshop Actions are available! Click link below video

5 comments on “Bucket & Brush Tool

  • Hi Peter, did you ever get an option to checkout CaptureOne? I believe it is coming with the Sonys now as well. I am asking because the raw convserion seems to be much more sensitive compared to acr/lr.
    Regards, Frank

  • lightrunnerimages says:

    Hey Peter, just recently joined Inspire and I’m loving it….thanks!! I have a question about the downloadable Action Set. In several of the videos I’ve seen, your Action set has layers in it that are not in the download version – Heal, a Gradient Map, a Curves layer, and Color Fill. Is there an updated downloadable Action Set? Or if we just want to add those layers, are they just out of the box so to speak or do you do anything to them as you created them? Thanks again!!! Rob

    • Bec Pead
      Bec Pead says:

      Hey Rob, Peter and I are so happy to hear you are loving Inspire 🙂 I completely forgot to update the downloadable action set, thank you so much for reminding me. You can now download the updated version on all the photoshop tutorials. Enjoy!

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