Phocus RAW Workflow in Adobe Camera Raw

These tutorials cover all the tools Peter uses on Photoshop; how he uses them and why he uses them!

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9 comments on “Phocus RAW Workflow in Adobe Camera Raw

    • Peter Coulson

      Clairty in Capture One is more aimed at still life and architecture, it adds sharpness and contrast at the same time. Even though there’s settings that turn down details & textures, it still doesnt create the large format halo effect and makes skin look gross in my opinion, the ACR clarity is closer to Hasselblad clarity.

  • alamode007 says:

    Is there any advantage in taking a non hasselblad file into phocus to do a B&W conversion?
    I know you cannot use the clarity slider or the shadows but you can still access the green channel and curves or is it best just to ACR as here?

    • Peter Coulson

      I use both, sometimes I find I don’t need to play around with shadows and highlights but I prefer the way I can get the curves and B&W in Phocus. And sometimes I even process the image twice, once in Phocus and once in ACR and make them different layers so I can paint the different aspects of each into the photo

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