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My Filing System

This tutorial goes through Peter’s Filing System.

6 comments on “My Filing System

  • Hi Peter and Rozanna, can you tell me about how backup to your main backup raid station? What kind of raid and system? and how do you sync between the studio and home office? Thanks Gary.

    • Rozanna Nazar says:

      Hi Gary,

      The Raid system is PrimeRose, I buy them through the Apple store. At the studio, we have 2 different back up. Neither of these back-ups are linked to the ones at my office. 1st backup is the original and never changed (files as captured, inc all dud files). The 2nd backup is the working files and this is done manually – They get put on there once all edits are done and job is complete.

      I will add all the links to the video now 🙂

    • Hi Jeremy, I only keep the Hasselblad images that were captured tethered at the studio because it takes a long time to go through and delete, if I shoot untethered I’ll go through and delete some as I import them because I don’t want to take up room on the hard drive. And very little of my super important commercial work is taken on the Sony, I generally use the Hasselblad and clients like to change their mind so I need to keep all the images just in case

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