4. RaRa Look 2

These tutorials featuring model RaRa, a long time muse of Peters, were shot around our hometown city, Melbourne. Peter discusses the lighting that he uses at night time, the cameras he will use, how he sets his cameras up, how he shoots them, plus a ‘fly-on’the-wall’ perspective on how he shoots on location. You get to see everything from start-to-end, and how easy it is to do it yourself!

All still photos are non-retouched, straight out of camera.

Special thanks to our stylist, Shiori, and assistant Damon.

Camera: Sony a7rii & Hasselblad X1D
Lenses: Zeiss Otus 28mm f1.4
Lighting: Rotolight Neo 2 & Profoto A1

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  • zacgrimaldo says:

    If you were shooting this in the states, building security and probably the police would have been there in 1 min or 2… the security guys saying you can’t shoot there and the police asking for permits.

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