Cristina Retouch

Welcome to our studio as you experience one of Peter’s creative shoots with model Cristina Garces. Peter and Cristina have worked together a few times prior, but this was the first time they have shot together at Peter’s studio. Starting off the tutorials with an Interview, the tutorials continue on to show you the WHOLE shoot, finished off with 3 retouches!

There are 2 files to download from the shoot on 12. Retouch Part 3. Please remember these files are only for private use to practice your editing skills, we strictly do not allow distribution of the files or re-uploads. See the details on our T&C page.

6 comments on “Cristina Retouch

  • wesley.dombrecht says:

    Hi Peter,
    I see you using the clarity slider all the time in the Hasselblad Phocus Software, i was wondering if there is a way to recreate the effect off the
    Phocus clarity slider in Capture one or Adobe software?
    ( I watched you rggedu videos and you talked about it, but i didn’t find the video where you demonstrated it )

  • capturedlight says:

    Hi Peter,
    During the shoot for this image, you mention that Cristina could use either tape or wear a bra due to the fabric if she was uncomfortable. First off, is there a special type of tape you are using and secondly, how would you handle it showing in post. Second, if she had chosen to wear a bra, how would you handle how the outfit flows over it (e.g., is there a special type of bra that works better in those situations over others to prevent bumps, strap lines, etc.) and again, how would you handle the post production specifically if you didn’t want to see it as a separate piece of clothing.

    • Hi Eric, no special tape, I just use regular masking tape as it doesn’t hurt peeling off skin. Then to remove it, I tend to use the healing too as well as clone tool and I will do a tutorial on that for you very shortly (it’ll be called removing tape and removing g-strings’s). If shes wearing a bra its gotta be one that’s there to hide nipples so nice and flat, not textured if I dont wanna see it, but I wouldn’t remove the bra in post production.

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