Retouch Part 3

Welcome to our studio as you experience one of Peter’s creative shoots with model Cristina Garces. Peter and Cristina have worked together a few times prior, but this was the first time they have shot together at Peter’s studio. Starting off the tutorials with an Interview, the tutorials continue on to show you the WHOLE shoot, finished off with 3 retouches!

There are 2 files to download from the shoot on 12. Retouch Part 3. Please remember these files are only for private use to practice your editing skills, we strictly do not allow distribution of the files or re-uploads. See the details on our T&C page.

11 comments on “Retouch Part 3

  • Fantastic tutorial! Thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing from start to finish. Cristina is amazing! Well done to everyone and hope that battery survived the fall!

  • Just brilliant (I almost feel stupid for writing positive comments all the time)! Thoroughly enjoyed the entire tutorial from Rozie’s interview to the final retouches. I could literally watch you retouch for hours… It’s quite therapeutic and relaxing, actually, much like when I’m working on my own shots. Once again, thanks so very much for sharing. These tutorials are priceless.

  • Hi Peter!
    As is see until now, you don’t use the “Frequency Separation” technique. Also you don’t use any light meter.
    Also, i would like to thank you for all!

  • Thanks Peter, this is fantastic! Question, from your cursor movements, do you edit with a mouse rather than a tablet? I have a tablet but never switched over to it from my mouse, just wondering.

  • capturedlight says:

    This is the 3rd photoshoot tutorial I’ve watched and I’m glad I waited. The first two were Bec and Summer which gave a nice foundation for how you work and more importantly, how to work with models that don’t know how to open wine bottles (sorry Bec, I had to say it after watching your vlog making me want to send you instructions on using a waiter’s helper until Peter showed you how to use it) or have years of experience. Watching Cristina flowing effortlessly from one look to another was the first time I’ve ever seen how fluid a shoot can be and how it frees up the photographer to focus on other areas and be more creative. My experience is more along the lines of Summer and while her tutorial was fantastic as well, this one has really lit a fire igniting passion I wasn’t sure still existed. Thanks.

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