Retouch Part 2

Welcome to our studio as you experience one of Peter’s creative shoots with model Cristina Garces. Peter and Cristina have worked together a few times prior, but this was the first time they have shot together at Peter’s studio. Starting off the tutorials with an Interview, the tutorials continue on to show you the WHOLE shoot, finished off with 3 retouches!

There are 2 files to download from the shoot on 12. Retouch Part 3. Please remember these files are only for private use to practice your editing skills, we strictly do not allow distribution of the files or re-uploads. See the details on our T&C page.

2 comments on “Retouch Part 2

  • kevinsmoulphotography says:

    Can you comment on the highlights on the tip of the nose? In particular, the bed shot in retouch two. Other than you tend to leave them. I find I remove them, and I’m now wondering if they’re not as distracting as I thought.

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