Trying To Break The Model Pt 3

This tutorial is showing Peter working with an agency model that was very stuck in her ways, we find this happens with some models who are very used to working with certain photographers and it can be a challenge for Peter to get the ‘drift’ he prefers that allows him to capture the expression he is looking for.

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  • Nice video Peter. Just a few questions
    1 can you do a retouch video for this one just one image.
    2 it looks like you are using something to get that catch light…. No you are the light MASTER…
    3 Do you just put the A7R iii in b&w or is there something else?
    4 Lastly, wa your ISO pretty high and was you aperture wide open?

    • Thanks heaps. I won’t be doing a retouch for this shoot as there is nothing I would use in my own folio. I was using the bounce from the bed to get the catch light in her eye. I put the A7R into b&w to see luminosity better, the thumbnails are b&w but the raws are still in colour. The aperature was wide open at 1.4 and I did have to punch the ISO up pretty high because the light wasn’t great in the apartment.

  • martin.kocent says:

    As i am watching the video part i got an idea.
    Turning the camera into silent mode/electronic shutter and shoot while the video goes on. On that way you can take picturs without the model hearing the click of the camera, just focusing on drifting.

  • Only had a few models that are like this, their brain is going a million miles an hour. When you speak, they are trying to process and remember the things you said before. You see confusion, their brain crashes then they reset back to the default poses.

    Try just telling them to slow it down, breathe, even slower. I think you should also consider showing them the Meika video as they can see what “slow” and “drifting” really means. These videos were priceless and please do add more of the challenging shoots. Nobody does that Peter.

    • Totally agree, we only see it very rarely when the model is really trying hence not listening and like you said they go back to their default.
      Peter has a video of Miranda Kerr ‘drifting’ that he always shows to models to get them to understand what he means, Meika videos sound like another great alternative, maybe we will give that a go next time we need to ‘break’ a model 🙂 glad you enjoyed the videos!

  • Do you use the same techniques with male models. I hope you can include some male models in these tutorials as well. This has been very helpful. You have produced content that I can actually learn from.
    Art Ribbel

    • Yes I use the same techniques with males as well, I have been planning on doing a tutorial with a male but it’s been a matter of finding the right person. Hopfeully now that restrictions are easing I’ll be able to film it soon.
      Thanks heaps Art, glad you’re learning lots and enjoyng the tutorials.

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