Finding The Light

This tutorial is showing Peter working with an agency model that was very stuck in her ways, we find this happens with some models who are very used to working with certain photographers and it can be a challenge for Peter to get the ‘drift’ he prefers that allows him to capture the expression he is looking for.

4 comments on “Finding The Light

  • frank_a_nguyen says:

    Wow – I can feel a lot of energy and work on both sides of the camera trying to break it. She’s adorable and a positive spirit trying so hard yet still not there yet. Hope to see follow up shoots when Peter helps her to flow more naturally. Cheers from LA.

    • Hey Frank! Thanks heaps, I agree she is abolutely adorable & such a sweetheart but it was so hard as she wouldn’t listen to Peter telling her to be natural, I think it was a nervous thing as she hasn’t been modelling very long. I’m sure she’ll get there as she gets more practice 🙂

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