Trying To Break The Model Pt 1

This tutorial is showing Peter working with an agency model that was very stuck in her ways, we find this happens with some models who are very used to working with certain photographers and it can be a challenge for Peter to get the ‘drift’ he prefers that allows him to capture the expression he is looking for.

2 comments on “Trying To Break The Model Pt 1

  • Everyone needs to learn their trade or profession, but if you’re asking for or hiring an experienced model then it would be kind of a waste of your time if you have to educate her during the shoot.

    Though it made a great example to use for a “how to educate an inexperienced model“ tutorial.

    Well done Peter and Bec.

    • Thanks heaps for watching! Glad you enjoyed it but yeah it was a little frustrating booking who we thought was experienced and Peter then having to spend the whole shoot training her.

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