RaRa Paper & Water Shoot

RaRa is finally home after being overseas for 6 months and was so excited to come play at the studio. She loves natural light but when the day turned overcast, we had no choice but to build a shoot from scratch. This is followed by Peter doing a retouch in ACR – he has finally found a way to get his Hasselblad look in ACR! There is a LUT pack and the RAW file for you to play with, and you can download Peter’s new action set from this tutorial.

One comment on “RaRa Paper & Water Shoot

  • DavePruettPhoto says:

    How cool is that? Some crumpled, torn, beat up paper and one light and you have a great look! Having a great model like RaRa has to help, but this is an inspiration to do minimalistic shoots and still get great results. Thanks!

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