New ACR Retouching Workflow

RaRa is finally home after being overseas for 6 months and was so excited to come play at the studio. She loves natural light but when the day turned overcast, we had no choice but to build a shoot from scratch. This is followed by Peter doing a retouch in ACR – he has finally found a way to get his Hasselblad look in ACR! There is a LUT pack and the RAW file for you to play with, and you can download Peter’s new action set from this tutorial.

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  • capturedlight says:

    Hi Peter,

    When making the profile, in the Color Lookup Table section you left the Space setting at sRGB. Is that necessary to leave it that way for your look or will other color profiles work just as well? I created profiles with the Space set to Adobe RGB along with sRBG and there is a slight difference with several of them, so I’m wondering if that setting really matters or if that is just a matter of taste?

    Thanks for another great tutorial.


    • Hi Peter,
      Thank you for the LUTs and image to play with. I manly use C1 as I have a Phase One system. I am also interested in having a second workflow for my BW. Love your work and your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. All the Best.

  • First and foremost…. Great tutorial as always. Thanks for the LUT and File….. Can you tell me if there was a new Photoshop Action that you were sending over or just the LUT?

  • Hi Peter,
    Thank you so much for a great tutorial and the LUT’s. I used these techniques on one of my images of my wife Olga, and it looks fantastic. Olga is very pleased indeed.

  • Love watching someone else’s workflow, there’s always something to learn or to try differently.

    Thanks a bunch for the LUTS as well as the explanation on how to use them properly, they are going to make my life so much easier in ACR.

  • DavePruettPhoto says:

    Thank. you very much for the LUTs! I have tried to, not so much duplicate your results, but get something similar and didn’t have much luck. Should go better now!

  • Hi Peter.
    When I load your action set in to PS i get the message ” One or more shortcuts in Inspire action set will hide menu key shortcuts.Remove the conflicting action Shortcuts? If I say yes the play button and there buttons don’t work you have to say continue with each step. Is there something I did not setup correctly.

  • Hi Peter/Bec,

    Clueless Hobby photographer from Ireland here!!!!
    Any way of getting these luts into lightroom ? not familiar with the file extension .CUBE but I’ve used a few 3d luts before in lightroom imported through ACR as .xmp files and they work both in Photoshop+lightroom which gives greater flexibility for peoples workflows.

    gonna be honest and say….I bloody well hate photoshop and find it horrific to use! but the heal brush is nice when used in moderation.
    my workflow is I do my photo selection/culling and global edits through lightroom as it feels more natural to me coming from the days of film, I tend to only use photoshop to tweak things and use the likes healbrush/barely noticeable liquify and after saving in PSP it ports the image back to lightroom where I then print or export.

    Also I recall a few years back you explaining about what Green Channel was but I cant find that video. What is the Difference between what you call Green Channel and what Lightroom calls Green Filter ?


    • EDIT: I figured it out! After importing the LUTS to ACR for use in Photoshop they wont show up in Lightroom unless you change one of the preferences.

      To make them show up in Lightroom, goto Lightroom main menu preferences section, then look under the Presets Tab, There is a Checkbox uder the “Location” settings that says Store Presets with this catalog. You need to make sure this Checkbox is NOT ticked and restart lightoom. Now they can be used in both Lightoom/ACR/Photoshop. Happy Days 🙂

      • Great to hear you figured out how to get the LUTs into Lightroom 🙂 My green channel is just using only the green channel, and not the red or the blue channels. Lightroom might have a green filter which is trying to replicate the same thing but I’m not sure I’m sorry, I don’t use Lightroom.

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