Part 6 – Finishing Up

Peter has been in the photography industry for over 20 years, and has gone through a range of ups and downs through that time. In this 6 part video he goes in depth of how he started, his early days (he even shows his very early work!), how he made the transition to fashion, how he stays inspired, and where he is at now. Plus a bonus sneak peak of his ‘man cave’ at home! We hope you enjoy this peek into how he got to where he is today.

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  • roberito23 says:

    Oh wow! Thanks for opening up and sharing. I am with you on your comments about being a good/bad/good employee in the first segment.

  • This was bloody brilliant! Thanks for answering all my questions and in such great depth! Made my day!
    You’ve had a very interesting journey, from musician to fish photographer to quite the opposite! It was great to see your early work and what kind of things you were doing to get to where you are today. That’s inspiring.
    I have to agree with you about all this camera club stuff. I’m a musician too and if you just follow the same old rules you’re gonna all sound the same. Camera club is similar to Pop music in a way I guess.
    That Bussiness card idea is genius!!!
    Can’t believe we got to see the ManCave! 😉 I gotta get myself one of them racing PC set ups someday, ahaha!
    I love how you took the last question so seriously XD Jean was one of the first Supermodels in the 60’s shot by David Bailey. Still old enough to be your mum! haha Great answers though!
    Thanks so much for this series Bec and Peter! You’re an awesome team!
    I’m now gonna have to go through and search all these photographers from your book collection I’ve never heard of.
    I wish you good luck on reviving the type of fashion photography you love. And hopefully you can show us how you’re doing it. 😀
    10/10 would interview again 😉

  • Awesome Peter, and Bec, really enjoyed this further insight. I’ve also recently experienced critic from camera clubs on a photo submission. They really didn’t want to listen to the photographers opinion.
    Even I got the other passion, music question. 🙂
    Oh I love the Sim room, can’t wait to try that out on my next visit.
    Cheers, Gary.

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