Part 3 – My Development

Peter has been in the photography industry for over 20 years, and has gone through a range of ups and downs through that time. In this 6 part video he goes in depth of how he started, his early days (he even shows his very early work!), how he made the transition to fashion, how he stays inspired, and where he is at now. Plus a bonus sneak peak of his ‘man cave’ at home! We hope you enjoy this peek into how he got to where he is today.

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  • Love hearing how you got started, makes me look at my progress differently. There is still hope 🙂 I would like to suggest one thing for your videos. You frequently make comments, to yourself largely, that you want the light up a little higher, and in this series you spoke about how bad your first images were. Please point out why you are feeling the light needs to be moved a little, is it a shadow somewhere you don’t like, is it you don’t see a catchlight in the eye, is it too much spill onto a background (although you usually say that one)? My point is help me to see the little things that it is that you feel needs changed, and why. You commented on how bad the early work was but you didn’t say why you felt that way. The big things are easy to see on the videos, its the little things, when you’re perfecting something, that are not always easy to see in the videos. Thanks.

    • Thanks heaps Michael, so happy you enjoyed it. When I move a light a little bit it’s to see if it made the picture better or worse, there’s no one technical thing I’m doing, I’m just fine tuning to my eye. If I’m moving a light it’s because I’m not happy with how it is looking in the photo, it’s just personal taste.
      With my old work, I said it was bad because it was so far off compared to what I wanted it to be, and if I dropped my photos into my inspiration folder it didn’t sit right and really stood out, I needed to fine tune it to my eye. I hope that helps.

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