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In this tutorial Peter goes through the different focusing methods he uses and explains when he would use them.

4 comments on “Focus

  • christophe.agathon says:

    Thanks Peter. This is crystal clear as always.
    You really made my day with the focus on the back button thing. I already noticed that you do this and I assumed it was an Hasselbad medium format “limitation”.
    How dumb was I, it’s actually a powerful feature ! I immediately checked that my Canon has it too. It does and I am going to test it ASAP !
    I am not sure It can do something which mimics your continuous focus with eye tracking since it’s a DSLR, but I will play with the AF modes. Just in case. I am more a “focus and recompose” kind of guy since it was the only option back then. You convinced me to explore the modern autofocus features.
    I am amazed with your agility with manual focusing. I understand that the colorized part of the image does help, like the split image did in the old days, but still …

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