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In this tutorial Peter goes through the different focusing methods he uses and explains when he would use them.

11 comments on “Focus

  • christophe.agathon says:

    Thanks Peter. This is crystal clear as always.
    You really made my day with the focus on the back button thing. I already noticed that you do this and I assumed it was an Hasselbad medium format “limitation”.
    How dumb was I, it’s actually a powerful feature ! I immediately checked that my Canon has it too. It does and I am going to test it ASAP !
    I am not sure It can do something which mimics your continuous focus with eye tracking since it’s a DSLR, but I will play with the AF modes. Just in case. I am more a “focus and recompose” kind of guy since it was the only option back then. You convinced me to explore the modern autofocus features.
    I am amazed with your agility with manual focusing. I understand that the colorized part of the image does help, like the split image did in the old days, but still …

  • Thanks for this tutorial. Focusing the H5D has always been a struggle.for me. Just want to check about how you are setting up back button focus on the Hasselblad.
    Are you setting Manual focus for the shutter release and then AF-S for AE-L button to use “normal” AF or are you using the True Focus (activated by the True Focus button)?


  • Rick Campbell says:

    Hi Peter 🙂
    Quick question.
    Are you still using Back Button Focus when shooting continuous eye autofocus? I’ve meant to switch to back button focus for ages, and this video has convinced me. Thank you so much for what you do for all of us! 🙂 rick

  • Tumurtogtokh Davaakhuu says:

    Thanks Peter. Glad I watched this video. I switched to the back button focusing a while ago after watching one of your videos about camera settings. I’m happy with the switch!

    Btw how do you focus with moving subjects with the back button focusing? I had a shoot where my model was walking to me and had shot most of my images out of focus. I was with a canon dslr and had shot with ai servo tracking and high burst. I think I focused once before the burst.

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