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Sony Retouch & Halo

In this tutorial, Peter explains his digital workflow and retouching process when working with images taken on his Sony, plus how he acheives his signature halo without the use of the clarity slider he uses in Phocus.

13 comments on “Sony Retouch & Halo

  • Very nice! Thanks for this!
    I was just wondering when you choose a Red/Blue or Green channel on the hasselblad Phocus what exactly is that doing? Is there a way to replicate that in say Capture One? I notice you sometimes say things like “I know this photo will look good on red channel or blue for that beyonce look” Ect..

      • Thank you for the reply! Very interesting!
        One more thing, Does Peter have a video talking about how he first started, Perhaps some of his worst and best experiences in the industry being a photographer, and how he ended up where he is today.
        This year I feel much more confident about my photography and want to try make a bussiness out of it. However I feel there’s so much that Peter could teach just based on his experience. Also perhaps a walk down memory lane showing some of his very early work could have some great lessons in it too.
        P.S Sorry for such a long comment 🙂 Happy New year to you all!

        • Bec Pead

          No worries at all 🙂 he’s touched on how he started in a few Live Streams on YouTube, but doesn’t have a video telling the whole story yet. He did just find a bunch of old publications at the studio so we will definitely film a walk down memory lane very soon, and talk about how he ended up where he is today. No need to apologise, long comments are great! Happy new year to you too!!

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