Meika Posing – Pt 2

In this tutorials, Peter goes through posing with the beautiful Meika Woollard. As she has been modelling since she was around 3 years old, you will see how someone who has worked in an industry for so long can only do they are used to, and you will watch how Peter really has to push to get her into fashion posing – a style she is not used to as she is so acustomed to doing e-commerce.

4 comments on “Meika Posing – Pt 2

  • lightrunnerimages says:

    Oh wow….The moment where Meika sees the pretty sad shot and her reaction to seeing herself that new way was just awesome. To be able to help give that to someone yeah, just amazing work both of you.

  • rene.stephani says:

    Thank you Peter, thank you Bec for creating these amazing videos!!! You two together are a treat to watch and I am learning so much from Peter explaining what he does and why he does it.
    I can learn to move the sliders and I can learn to copy the lighting set ups. But Peter, your true „secret“ seems to be the interaction with your models. And that’s something that can’t be taught. You either have it (or build it over time) or you don’t.
    Seeing Meika getting her phone out instantly and seeing her with tears in her eyes was such an intense moment and shows how good both of you worked together.
    I am grateful for the content you’re creating,

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