18 Minute Modeling Crash Course

Layla’s big sister recently started modelling which inspired her to give it a go, so she contacted Peter to set up her very first photoshoot ever. As Peter has been working with models for over 20 years, and sometimes only has 2 hours to get a shot, he has mastered the skill of getting a model comfortable quickly and give them a ‘crash course’ in modelling in a short amount of time. We think you’ll be as amazed as we were in the huge difference between the start to the end of this shoot.

6 comments on “18 Minute Modeling Crash Course

  • Very useful walkthrough a new model experience and working with her. I am learning a lot from watching these. Wish there had been a separate on here only version here.

  • I have been able to get the eyes to have that look, but after getting to know the model. My New Muse does not have a dog or cat so need to come up with something specific for her. But I noticed after many hours I get the same lip shape in almost every shot. I looked at photos from 1st ever shoot and same lip shape. These videos are very good. I looked at my X-Muse (still good friend) her lips were mostly the same as well the eyes changed more. Unless I got her to smile or laugh.
    Question are the lips important in the shot or is it just about the eyes.
    My current Wallpaper has Megan Fox and her lips are close to the same as those in my photos.

    • If the whole face is not moving to match the eyes, It means that they’re not feeling the emotion they’re trying to put out, They’re just found a good face that works every time and then try to adjust the eyes, That normally means they’re not really feeling the emotion, So you have to come up with a new story that’s fresh and you haven’t tried before. Once a Model has been working with you all enough, they get their safety looks and I’m trying to find a way of getting them out of that.

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