Mary Retouch

These fly-on-the-wall tutorials are from a shoot with Mary and show how Peter ‘breaks’ a model who has only done e-commerce, and he has never worked with before. This is followed by a retouching tutorial.

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  • tamaskiss123 says:

    Hi Peter!

    First of all, thanks for the in-depth explanation on the retouching!
    I have a question regarding the last picture you’ve edited in the video: at ~35:00 you note that the image size is more than 300Kb and then use a lower quality jpg to bring it under that. Is that something that you always do when you save for web?
    I’m asking because my web ready jpgs are usually 2048 long edge and closer to 4-600Kb in size. Somewhere I’ve read that most social media platforms compress images above 1Mb, but those pages seem pretty dated and based on guesswork.

    • Hi Tamas, thanks so much, glad you’re finding the retouching tutorials helpful.
      No it’s not something I always do, it’s just for my website so it runs quicker, my IT guy said try keep your pictures under 300kb. For the rest of the web, I’ve found something around about 500-700kb works well with most social media compression so it doenst look too bad. I normally find pictures around 1000px high will give that finish at full qualilty.

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