Breaking Mary Part 3

These fly-on-the-wall tutorials are from a shoot with Mary and show how Peter ‘breaks’ a model who has only done e-commerce, and he has never worked with before. This is followed by a retouching tutorial.

2 comments on “Breaking Mary Part 3

  • Mary seems so “nervous” and very defensive. (especially trying to get her to sit naturally ect ) I don’t think she was too sure what you were trying to get across. You handled it very well though Peter.
    I’m learning so much from the “Theory” side of photography, and realising how much of an image is not even the camera/lighting but everything else.
    I really hope I too can someday do this for a living. After being a musician for 20+ years I’ve got that same excited feeling I had when I learnt my first guitar chords. The possibilities seem endless.

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