The Stylist

Peter and model Rhiannon (or RaRa as we call her) have been working together for years and recently collaborated with her friend Daniel P for an editorial shoot. As Peter explains in the first video, he prefers to not ‘collaborate’ on shoots as it often ends up with the MUA or sylist taking over the shoot. Peter and Daniel had never worked together, and you will see how different their tastes are as they move through the shoot. This is followed by a retouching tutorial.

Click here to see images from the shoot! 

5 comments on “The Stylist

  • maikel.marrero says:

    maestro para mi usted es la gran enseñanza en mi aprendizaje y comparto su estilo ,su forma de trabajar y sus bellas fotos.maestro una pregunta no ha trabajo con personas que no son modelos ?

  • I like how, not so much that there is tension, but you both have two strong opinions and strong personalities it was great to see how to go about working with opposing people. I understand where he’s coming from and might have felt like he has to defend the stylist industry which is what I feel caused the back and forth. What I do appreciate is that you still posted this, I’ve seen other “how to work with stylist” tutorials and its all based off of ideal scenarios, I feel his responses are more real work scenarios that you can learn off a book or an ideal setting video.

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