Tess in Paris PT. 4

Join us from Paris, watching the start-to-end photoshoot with our beautiful model Tess.

There is no commentary or teaching during these tutorials. This was also when we first started Inspire, so I was trying to capture as much as I could without disturbing Peter or Tess, just so you can really see how Peter works on location and how he communicates with models.

Peter and Tess had shot a few times prior to this (this was their 5th shoot), so they have already built a relationship. Tess has modelled for a long time too, but Peter still works very hard to get Tess’s headspace correct, and to keep her there.

The house was in Paris, you can see more of it in this tutorial.

We encourage you to watch these tutorials, and give us your own feedback and questions to what you observe during the shoot!

3 comments on “Tess in Paris PT. 4

  • Wow……..Wow…..Wow

    Peter you said it all throughout the shoot……this was a hell of a tutorial for all the inspiring upcoming models. I can show any of these videos at the start of a shoot and if the model can move a 1/3 of how Tess flow and gave it to you, it will be a hell of a shoot.

    Inspire.Peter-Coulson…..I am all in.

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