This tutorial was filmed in Flinders Beach in Victoria, with model Teisha Lowry. During this fly-on-the-wall tutorial Peter narrates the photoshoot, explaining what he is thinking and how he is using the light.

This tutorial also covers how Peter selects his images, followed by 4 retouches!

Photoshoot was shot with the Hasselblad X1D & Sony a7rii
Lighting was only Natural Light – Full Sun

3 comments on “Photoshoot

  • Wonderful! Love watching Teisha work and how her energy level stays up throughout the entire shoot. Great lighting tips too! Especially where you mentioned having parts of her (particularly her face) either all in shadow or all in light to help avoid harsh transitions from light to shadow (but in other cases using the harshness to get that “real” beach look). And great coconut oil tip, by the way!

    • I only remeter if the light changes, but most of the time if the light only changes a little I can look at my previous shots histogram and realise if it’s a stop over or under. I only use spot metering to get me into the ball park, and then use my histogram and overexposure warning to fine tune it. I will be covering more about exposure in new tutorial that will be up shortly 🙂

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