Teisha Beach Retouch 4


This tutorial was filmed in Flinders Beach in Victoria, with model Teisha Lowry. During this fly-on-the-wall tutorial Peter narrates the photoshoot, explaining what he is thinking and how he is using the light.

This tutorial also covers how Peter selects his images, followed by 4 retouches!

Photoshoot was shot with the Hasselblad X1D & Sony a7rii
Lighting was only Natural Light – Full Sun

3 comments on “Teisha Beach Retouch 4

  • frank_a_nguyen says:

    One of my favorite tutorial from start to finish. Such a great team with beautiful results. You mentioned during editing some pictures have a fashion look versus portrait. Is the difference mainly a close up headshot versus wide scene? What are the main differences between shooting a fashion image versus portrait for you? Thanks Peter and Teisha for this tutorial.

    • Thanks heaps Frank, so happy you enjoyed this one. The difference is the type of feel I wanted to put into it, if it was personal and about her or if it was about the environment and what she was wearing. Fashion is more the story of environment and portrait is the story of the person. Hopefully that makes sense 🙂

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