Natural Light Look #1

This series of tutorials covers a full day photoshoot with Australian Art Nude  Model Summer McInerney.

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4 comments on “Natural Light Look #1

  • kevinsmoulphotography says:

    If you only have 6:25 seconds to watch a video, and want to contemplate Peter’s talent at directing a model, encouraging movement, and seeking the eyes…watch the opening of Natural Light #1

    My question, as basic as it can be. What is the slowest speed you will set the camera to capture these models in motion? (I’m needing to relax and worry less about sharpness, a topic which is clearly highlighted in other videos)

    • Hi Kevin, thank you so much.
      It’s a little hard to answer your question as it really depends on the lighting and also how fast the model is moving. If she’s moving slowly with natural light I can go down to 1/100 but if she’s moving fast I’d have to go up to around 1/1000. Sharpness is the least important, your subject is the most important thing. Hope this helps.

      • “Sharpness is the least important”
        Absolutely fascinating statement. It goes against everything I’ve ever been taught or have thought about photography. Which is why I love it so much, and why I’ve so enjoyed watching your YouTube videos and have signed up here to see even more.

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