White Cyc

This series of tutorials covers a full day photoshoot with Australian Art Nude  Model Summer McInerney.

To see all the images on my Blog, click here!

7 comments on “White Cyc

  • Fantastic shoot, Peter! And Summer was an absolutely joy to watch working… Love how you were able to bring out her expressions… And those eyes! Thanks so much for making this available. (And thank Rosie and the rest of your crew, too!)

  • Would be great to see a highlight video at the end covering the best of he shots from all the shoots in one showreel with a short description of why you selected each shot Peter.

    • Rozanna Nazar says:

      Hi Jamie, Thanks for the idea! This could work, but the only trouble is Peter selects his images over time. And in 1 lighting set-up, if there are 2 images from 1 set-up, that means is was a incredible shoot! Peter only likes to release 1 image from a look; there is only ever 1 shot that is the best, and then after they are never as good. I will figure out a way to publis the final images without having to add a new tutorial 🙂

      • jorisstrickx says:

        Maybe some lightbox are some kind of gallery with the best pictures from that shoot underneath each video. Like this people get a better idea of what to expect from that tutorial. And easier to refind a specific video. The video’s are great to learn, but seeing the end result easier makes it complete.

        • Thank you for your feedback Joris, I agree that would be a great idea for people to easily find out if they want to watch this tutorial. We are unable to add a gallery with our current layout, but I have just updated every tutorial that has a blog post with a link to the blog so you are able to view all the final images 🙂

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