We were contacted by the lovely Tiarna who is a hair and make-up artist Peter has been working with for around 7 years to see if we wanted to collaborate as she needed new photos for her folio. While Peter isn’t a huge fan of using make-up artsits, it had also been a while since he had done a beauty shoot for his own folio, so we then contacted Paloma to model as Peter had only worked with her once so it also served as training for her.

After Tiarna was satisfied she had a shot for her folio, Peter did a variation to natural light for his own folio, using his X1D with a Zeiss Otus 100mm lens which gave the photos a whole different look that has a large format feel.


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  • I have noticed on the Octa and Para modifiers you have a black edge that changes the diffusion panel to a round light source. I’m sure there is a reason you use these. Is it to make the light a little more directional? Just to have a round catchlight? Because that’s the standard diffusion panel that come with it?


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