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Hero Shots

Melbourne based activewear company, Active Creatures, have been a long term client of Peter’s. He was their first photographer, and they still continue to use him for every collection they release.

In this 3 hour photoshoot, we completed look book plus editorial shots. Have your pen and paper ready!!!! There are so many tips and information in this tutorial that will help you with clients – all things Peter has learnt throughout his career.

Clients love and trust him because of his experience and how much knowledge he has which minimises problems during the shoot, or after. And when there is a problem, Peter is able to tackle them effortlessly.

Take note of Peter continually communicating with the client about visuals, asking if she likes things, explaining and continually educating her as a client to make sure the final product is something she loves, something that represents her brand and something that both photographer and client can create to be a successful campaign.

Followed by 2 tutorials is an interview with the client. We discuss how she found Peter, her experience working with a photographer for the first time and how Peter helped her, the difference she found when using somebody else, what she expects as a client, what photographers can do to make the clients job easier, and what a photographer can do to create a successful campaign.

The clients interview is honest, informative and completely unscripted – Enjoy and if you have any questions for Peter, the client or myself, please leave a comment below!

I would like to thank Mel and Cam for allowing us to film their photoshoot & their hard work. They are wonderful people, Peter and I are very grateful to have clients like them that are trusting and bring me puppies to play with at work!!!

4 comments on “Hero Shots

  • Why is everyone talking? Why can’t your assistant understand that she needs to be quiet while you talk to your paying client, explain important details, listen to her important feedback? There was nothing to be learned with this video. Not that you give a crap about my feelings on the matter of course.

    • Hi Salvador, This video is a fly on the wall video. @ cameras and 2 microphones witch makes it seam we were all talking over the top of each other but we weren’t. My client and I could not hear the discussion between the model, hair/makeup and Rozie. My studio has always been a noisey environment and my clients love that, we have lots of opinions and lots of fun. Sorry you didn’t get anything out of this and yes I do give a crap your feelings on this matter.

      I appreciate your honest feedback and welcome all future input.

      • I got a lot from these videos. I have been a photographer from 26 years and I understand that one develops it’s own workflow and habits. Peter’s is doing his thing. He has a tremendous amount of experience and it shows. He knows his studio and it shows. (set up of lights is super fast). He is in his comfort zone. Where he capturing a wedding, you might see him a little more hesitant, as it has its own rhythm. But this instance he is giving tremendous value to his client His assistant follows his lead so is his client. If one cannot learn a thing from this, it is a pity.

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