Julia Play – The Shoot

Join Peter and Julia as we take you behind the scenes of another of Peter’s ‘play’ shoot. As always, it begins with Julia selecting her own moodboard from Peter’s inspiration folder when he then asks her to explain what she like the most & why she selected the images she did – this further understanding will help building the light + styling to get a final look they both love.

This is followed by Peter building a tiny set that could be easily replicated in a lounge room and manipulating the natural ligt (his favourite) before finally working Julia’s expression using music!


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  • capturedlight says:

    Hi Peter & Bec,

    Another great lesson here. Thanks Julia for your work as well. That “triple threat” image is jaw dropping.

    Say you were working in a very small studio (since you kind of mentioned that say 4 m x 5 m with 2 1/2 m ceiling) and were lighting this with flash, I’m trying to figure out how to achieve this same style of lighting. I’d think that a shoot through or defused umbrella would give the same feeling, but then I think there would have too be a several flags as well for control. That makes me wonder what modifier (umbrella, octo box, soft box, bare bulb with diffusion material, etc.), would give the best control. With flash, I can also see a potential issue with the angle of light due to the ceiling height restriction.

    Again, great job from the three of you. I’d love to see a “redo” of this with flash and then a side by side comparison to see any differences.

  • t_wilson_3 says:

    Hi Peter,

    I really enjoyed the walk-thru in this group of videos. However, going back to the mood board shots, did you ever develop any shots with motion – like the movement of the head or the movement of a hand? It felt a bit like you picked out the one shot of the group and just shot for that. Not that those shots were not great – Julia has a great look, and I think there were a few just outstanding images in the mix.


    • Hi Tim, thanks heaps, glad you enjoyed these videos. We did try a few motion shots but just felt that with the shallow depth of field it didnt work, it came out a but it muddy and there was no strong catch, but I am planning on doing a motion blur tutorial soon. Cheers

  • I really enjoyed watching through this shoot.
    I certainly got a lot out of how you work through the lighting and spend the time getting it right.
    Also, I love that this was shot in a smaller space. I’d love to see another tutorial in a similar sized space too. My shooting space is a converted garage and always a challenge to set up what I want in a small space.

  • Love the shoot. It really drove home a few things;
    1. Getting it right in camera is a must. Trying to sort poor lighting in photoshop is never going to produce the best results. I still shoot a bit of film so it just has to be right.
    2. A few models have said how much they enjoy the shoots, and that’s really important to me. Your tutorial gives me more ideas on how to enhance that experience. ( If lockdown ever ends in Scotland). I know some say its all about the image, but without a good experience the image will suffer, so the two are closely linked.

    Regards Gordon aka woodenhalfplate

  • HI peter, I often comeback to this video to watch you work , wonderful,
    The music adds so much, is it george winston ? Could you please share if not. Thanks for all you share.

  • Enjoyed this more than the first time I saw it. Downloaded the music. I usually have models bring their own music but I think I’ll try this. The camera really, really loves Julia ! Beautiful images

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