Julia Play – The Set Up

Join Peter and Julia as we take you behind the scenes of another of Peter’s ‘play’ shoot. As always, it begins with Julia selecting her own moodboard from Peter’s inspiration folder when he then asks her to explain what she like the most & why she selected the images she did – this further understanding will help building the light + styling to get a final look they both love.

This is followed by Peter building a tiny set that could be easily replicated in a lounge room and manipulating the natural ligt (his favourite) before finally working Julia’s expression using music!


4 comments on “Julia Play – The Set Up

  • jeanclmuller says:

    Hi Peter
    I always find X1D focus peaking depth to large to let convenient manual focusing.
    Instead for manual focusing I use automatic loupe or manual loupe by pressing the star button.
    My understanding for proper AF on X1D is to update the H lens firmware to the latest version 19.1.0 (only possible with orange dot lenses).
    Regards JC

    • Hi JC, yeah the focus peaking is a very broad range which is why at the start I went through that if eyes are bright yellow the focus peaking is where I want it to be. I’ve updated all my software but I still prefer manual focusing because it’s quicker for me and I can choose where I want the focus 🙂

  • Peter Preston-Thomas says:

    I just heard you say in this video, “How to see light, and how to manipulate it.” This and your other videos are a masterclass on the subject. Many thanks.
    …Peter P-T

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