Jessica Dubai Shoot

This tutorial shows you how Peter works when he travels with a professional model. Shooting outside in 35 degree heat in a new country & in a small hotel with a small window, with only 1 & a half hours.

There is also a start to finish retouch of a final image PLUS 2 files to download – A RAW file plus a TIFF file, with all Peter’s retouching & layers for you to see!

Camera: Sony a7rii
Len: Zeiss Otus 85mm f/1.4
Adapter: Metabones
Shutter speed: 1/2000
ISO speed: 100

Model: Jessica Kahawaty

8 comments on “Jessica Dubai Shoot

  • cameronjohnsphotography says:

    Thank you Peter, A great insight here that I am exploring with my team for how we interact with our clients. The model “needed” a professional setting and you had to work hard to make her feel comfortable. Even though you had the light and were hitting amazing images. The location was not what the model felt was needed. I have purchased a few really large soft boxes just so I can “give” the feel of a professional setting. I am far from professional but in my TFP’s the models love it when the flashes and soft boxes come out in a street shoot… Suddenly their eyes light up. Am I wrong or is it ok to give the theatre until one day I can call them on it??

    • No worries, glad you enjoyed it and gave you an insight. Jess lives in Dubai, and she was the one who wanted to do natural shots on the street but was uncomfortable because she wasn’t very covered and people were looking at her.
      You’re definitely not wrong doing that, do whatever you need to get the shot 🙂 but I personally think when in the streets it’s better to have minimal equipment, you attract more people staring and it also attracts security asking for permits etc which can be a pain.

      • cameronjohnsphotography says:

        Thank you Peter, you are right about attracting attention. I might need to invest in a few voice activated light stands to help with security.. No I am absolutely looking at how I can minimise the foot print with lens choice.

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