Insta Fashion Pt 1

Tahan is an influencer who from time to time gives Peter a call to help with the content for her social media accounts, this shoot should have been one of their typical ‘insta fashion’ shoots but the stylist supplied by Tahan decided it was his shoot not Peter’s, which dragged the shoot out & made it much more complicated than it needed to be.

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  • martin.kocent says:

    “No, i cant fix faces”

    This tutorial is cool, because it shows how boring your page would be if all your videos were like that.
    To be honest, i feel this kind of shoots are like … take a decent camera, put it at f2.8 and click click click. There is absolutly no creativity.
    The quality of this session is far far far away from your other inspire shoots.

    And the model … im far away from being a good photographer to judge her abilities … but honestly, “not-a-model” Bec would simply sweep Tahan away in terms of sympathy, character and looks.
    I dont like Insta people

    Thanks for sharing this type of shoot that you dont like that much. It shows how much better your non-commercial shoots are.

    Greetings from Germany

  • For the first couple of minutes, I thought the stylist was taking a shot to see how the clothes look on a screen and then fixing anything that was wrinkled or rumpled. Then, without buying you dinner, he’s almost on top of you trying to get the same shot with his phone. I know you didn’t say anthing, but I’m not sure I would have been able to. What are some other things you would have done to handle the situation? What would you have said without bruising egos on set? (Personally, I would have told him to put the phone away and I would have handed him an iPad with my capture one tether, but maybe doing that in this shoot would have slowed you down being tethered.)

    • It wasn’t my shoot, I was employed to take photos by another business to take photos and it’s definitely not the type of work I would normally do, I only agreed to show everyone what insta-editorial is like 🙂 To avoid this, you shouldn’t do insta editorial haha, it’s a nightmare. Everyone wants to take their own photo to put on their own social media, no one has any morals on these kinds of sets. Their egos are too big so it’s just easier to not say anything.

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