Lottie Concept – Set Up Part 1

As Peter continues to train Lottie, she came to the studio for her third shoot with an idea she wanted to do a shoot with rollers in her hair. This sparked a concept Peter has had for some time now with an old fashioned hair dryer, so the two of them collaboraed to create something a little out of the box!

4 comments on “Lottie Concept – Set Up Part 1

  • Hey Peter,

    When setting up that octobox and you are talking about the direction of light and power of light, are you able to achieve similar results with barn doors and a screen or does this work best with a softbox setup? I am curious to know. Also, I haven’t watched the whole video yet (at 05:34) so if you answer this in a moment, ignore this comment. 🙂


    • Peter Coulson

      Hi Leigh, yes you are able to ahieve similar results with anything, it makes no difference as it’s the direction of light that hits the model from the light source, not the modifiers etc. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Hi Peter,

        Thanks for the response and yes that does make sense. Experiment and find what works given the tools you have at hand.

        Totally cool stuff too by the way!


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