Lottie Concept – Retouching

As Peter continues to train Lottie, she came to the studio for her third shoot with an idea she wanted to do a shoot with rollers in her hair. This sparked a concept Peter has had for some time now with an old fashioned hair dryer, so the two of them collaboraed to create something a little out of the box!

2 comments on “Lottie Concept – Retouching

  • Peter: Great as always.. I love the lut way of doing it… keeps the orange channel available to use.. Perfect… How are your lock Downs? Heard from up here they might be going crazy again.

    • Thanks so much Chris, yeah it’s really handy keeping the orange channel available.
      Things are really bad in Sydney but we aren’t too heavily locked down in Melbourne and will probably be out of it soon thankfully. Feel sorry for Sydney though, and we were planning a trip up there soon so it’s horrible timing

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