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Anne Nun Setup

15 years ago Peter had a concept for this nun shoot, based off a story he had heard. He got a model in the studio, did the shoot, but he has never been happy with the photo he has as the expression isn’t what he was after. So many people always compliment him on it but he still doesn’t like it. So he decided to redo the shoot with Anne and created a series for the story.

Click here to see the final images from the shoot

5 comments on “Anne Nun Setup

  • Ron Gough says:

    Superb Insight into your planning, doing and reviewing of this concept. Looking forward to the “Shoot” part ( I think i got in too early) and seeing how the Story is represented. Loads of learning and inspiration here Peter. Awesome.

  • Christopher Polubinski says:

    I’m going to be laughing at “box gap” for the rest of my life.

    But this is great. I always reach for soft lighting, but the way the hard light carves out Anne’s physique is a show stopper. I need to branch out.

  • Fun visual project. I enjoy seeing the artful side, granted it is all art, but some things you do are more so. Hard light is a challenge for sure but when it works it is powerful in a wold of soft light.

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