Ana Tears – The Shoot

Ana has a new single out now called ‘Tears On A Letter’, and she wants to print promotional posters to put up around the city promoting it so she needed some photos taken in a resolution high enough to be printed. She had her idea for styling and also loved the lighting Peter did on a shoot with Bec and wanted to replicate this look. Once they had gotten the look Ana was after, Peter did what he does a lot with his clients and put his spin on the shoot for the look he wanted.

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  • I am wondering about Ana’s use of this image, and the vignetting. Knowing that the image may be used for a variety of promotional purposes, and may be cropped vertically, horizontally or square to suit the promotional placement (poster, magazine, CD cover), would you normally supply the image cropped and vignetted in multiple ratio’s or just as the single, 3:2 landscape with only the vignetting for that ratio?

    Once the image is handed over, what permissions would you give for modification, such as cropping by a graphic designer for any promotional work, or would that be return to you only?

      • Mmmm… film…

        I’ve been watching some Bronica ETRS (poor mans Hasselblad) videos on YT recently, which made me dig out my own to toy with. Then I look at the cost of buying and developing a few rolls and … ouch. One box of of B&W and one box of colour, processed, cut and sleeve … I could hire a studio for a whole day for the same price.

        Do I hire a studio and use my DSLR to get “perfect” shots to improve my portfolio, or do I get the film for shots that only I will appreciate?

        We all know the answer to that question is to shoot what you love.

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