Shoot Pt 2

Peter and I travel for roughly 6 months of the year, but that doesn’t change working and shooting while on the road. We are lucky enough to get to work with amazing models from all over the world, such as the beautiful Carolina who we met last year during our Barcelona workshops. Peter couldn’t get his look out of her on the workshop as there were so many other people watching, and he was really excited to shoot properly with her this year.

As we don’t always have a studio available for shoots when travelling, you will be amazed at how Peter rearranges our Airbnb into a ‘studio’ (so many of his photos are taken by doing this)!

4 comments on “Shoot Pt 2

  • Wow learned so much from this video. This really opened my mind to you do not always have to have a studio to create stunning photos. Love her look especially how she shows emotion with her face and eyes. You can tell she is comfortable which makes the photos so much better. I cant wait to try and use these techniques you showed.

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