Mentor Session with Damon Part 2

We recieve e-mails daily from photographers around the world, looking for advice on their career or photography skills. This e-mail caught Peter’s attention because there were questions and topics most photographers face at some point in their career.

Damon attended one of Peter’s workshops a few years ago when he first started as a headshot photographer. He would like to transition from headshots (his bread and butter) to fashion, and contacted Peter about getting some advice.

We decided to invite Damon to our studio and record the interview! They discuss things from pricing, finding your creative style, the risks involved when you quit your job to become a photographer, including Peter first starting as a fashion photographer (yes, you get to see all his early work!!!).

This is the book Peter uses as his lighting ‘bible’.

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  • Well done Damon for jumping in and asking a whole bunch of great questions (a lot of things I’d been wondering about were answered here).

    One question though: there was a quick line about colour correction – don’t use Lightroom, use ACR. Just wondering what the reason for this is (they always seemed so alike to me)?

    Thanks again for a really insightful video.

    • Thanks Ross, I’m glad that the things I asked resonated with you, that’s great to hear!

      Regarding ACR vs LR, I actually can’t remember now why Peter does his CC in ACR, from memory it’s not something we went into detail in, so sorry I can’t answer that one. It could simply be because Peter prefers not to use LR, he works almost exclusively with ACR, Focus and PS.

  • capturedlight says:

    Hi Peter,

    Lots of great information, a good portion that can be transposed to issues outside of photography. In regard to running a photography business do you have content on commercial contracts (ranging from headshots to advertising agencies to Fortune 500 companies) not just with pricing, but image usage, time limits, copyright ownership (specifically, are the images yours or are they the clients, different pricing structures for for both, your usage if client is purchasing copyright, that sort of thing). Also, do you have a recommendation list for books/videos/podcasts you can share? Thanks.

    • Hi Eric, this is a lot of information so I’ll try do a tutorial on this in the month. Just keep in mind that Inspire is a worldwide site and every country is different when it comes to pricing and copyright, my tutorial will be a guideline. Me and Bec also just deicded we are gunna put a link section on here with links to cool stuff you should look at. Cheers.

  • I’m so happy to pay your 1/3 educational part so that you can do what you want… so that I can again learn from your exploration, and round and round. Keep growing!

  • Loved it. Just watching this inspired an interesting dinner table discussion with my kids. What is advertising? What catches your attention? What images make you stop and look closer and do they need a clear relationship with the product?

    Really wonderful look at very different aspects of photography.

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