Mentor Session with Damon Part 1

We recieve e-mails daily from photographers around the world, looking for advice on their career or photography skills. This e-mail caught Peter’s attention because there were questions and topics most photographers face at some point in their career.

Damon attended one of Peter’s workshops a few years ago when he first started as a headshot photographer. He would like to transition from headshots (his bread and butter) to fashion, and contacted Peter about getting some advice.

We decided to invite Damon to our studio and record the interview! They discuss things from pricing, finding your creative style, the risks involved when you quit your job to become a photographer, including Peter first starting as a fashion photographer (yes, you get to see all his early work!!!).

This is the book Peter uses as his lighting ‘bible’.

2 comments on “Mentor Session with Damon Part 1

  • Loved seeing Peters early work to what he does now!

    Some rather great information in here that I rewatched both interviews as well as kept hitting the rewind button to make sure I wrote it down right lol.
    Be great to see another interview with other questions in the future. 🙂

  • God Peter,
    You nailed me perfectly at 25:15… I watch films and pull the lighting apart chronically! It really does sometimes ruin a film for me!!

    Gotta learn to relax!!

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