Direction of Light

Introduction to Studio Techniques


These videos have been put together by Peter to teach you the fundaments of how he sees light, how he understands it, and how he uses it. All his studio lighting is based around these videos.

Model: Teisha Lowry
Camera: Hasselblad H6D-50c
Lens: Hasselblad 100m f2.2
Assistant: Rozanna Nazar

1. Direction of Light
2. Contrasting Light
3. Direction & Contrast of Light


17 comments on “Direction of Light

    • Rozanna Nazar says:

      Hi Michael.

      It really depends on what look you are after.. The very best thing is to use the direction of light technique, working it around the model to find the very best light. Once you have found a light you are happy with, then set-up the background behind the mode. OR move around, and adjust the lights to work with your angle, like what Peter does in the video.

      Not having much room can sometimes be challanging, but there are always ways around it. And don’t forget, these set-ups are taught by Peter to teach how to see and use light, not nessecarily to use as a lighting set-up (even though they can be used as a lighting set-up).

      I hope this helps!

    • It is around 120 x 90cm, but tiny little things like the exact size of a soft box doesn’t really matter so much. I just look at if it is a small medium or large softbox as that makes more of a difference than the atual dimension 🙂

  • droza.alex says:

    A big thank you for sharing your knowledge in a simple and clear way. I,ve been pouring over your videos during this confinement period in France and regularly coming back to some of them. The vivid 19 has given me a good excuse to spend some money wisely and usefully.This introduction along with the 2 others is one of the most important in my eyes. I have a week left of my monthly inscription and will surely reinscribe again when I have the chance as inspire is very addictive .Cheers to you Peter and your lovely team.

  • liliane.tashi.leroux says:

    Hello, Peter. Greetings from Rio de janeiro. I am very glad that I found Inspire during this confinement period. Your tutorials are amazing and I thank you and your staff. I would like to ask you in which situations and purpose would you choose to use a beauty dish and how do you use it. Also, when do you use it with the Honeycomb Grid end when do you choose the textile diffuser. Many thanks and best regards!

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