In these start to finish tutorials with Peter’s muse Natascha, Peter builds lighting from a mixture of different photos, both his own and other inspiration photos he has found on the internet. As it is a mixture of different photos, you will get to see Peter’s complete thought process to get the exact look he is after.

If you have any suggestions of other lighting set ups you’d like to see Peter recreate, please leave them in the comment section below.

4 comments on “Natascha

  • federico.pallotti says:

    Hi Peter,

    when you started using Capture One I scream finally I can find a way to try to replicate your “black and white style” that I love…
    When you closed Capture One I started “crying”… 🙂
    I understand your frustration because it’s not working properly, and you have shoot and not wait so long to see the image…
    What I would like to ask you is can you try again when you have more time because, I think, lot’s of people can afford Capture One and not many people can afford Hassemblad…
    Usually when Capture One doesn’t work properly I restart the program and restart the camera, I’m using a Fuji X-T3…
    Capture One is not as fast as Phocus but it is not so slow…
    Thank you, you’re amazing…

    • Peter Coulson

      Hi Frederico, thanks so much, I’m still not able to get my look out of Capture One, this is the 4th time I’ve tried to teather with it and everytime it doesn’t work. I’ll keep trying though, I’ve spoken to people at Capture One about this and hopefully will have a tutorial using the program soon.

      • Hi Peter,

        some weeks ago I baught a Nikon Z 6 (24 Mpix). When I saw that you have problems using Capture One I tried it out myself. It took 2 cats and dogs :). So if you take into account that it is a 24 MPix camera it works with the asme pace as your Sony. After some conversation with the PhaseOne support they told me that they do not support cables which are longer than 2m.

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