RaRa Constant light setup

In this tutorial, Peter and RaRa had a reference shot as a mood and then built a set to match. Peter then used a number of constant lights with various scrims and boards to reflect and balance the light. The set up shows just how fussy Peter gets with his lighting, constantly tweaking it and always trying to improve it. This is one of the few shoots where he uses more than just one light.

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  • Stefano Coletto says:

    Hi Peter, I see that you always use ball heads on your camera mount. Did you ever try 3-way or geared heads for portrait? What could be the best choice on a tripod, according to you?

  • Useful information.
    I find it strange that cinematographers use scrims and flags as a matter of course, whereas photographers rarely use them. I asked recently in a studio if they had any flags, I got a blank look (guy was probably thinking of something you run up a flagpole.
    I guess one difference is that the gaffer on the film set is dedicated to lighting, whereas a stills photographer is usually playing many roles.

    Photographers ought to give scrims and flags more consideration, plus they are a lot cheaper than lights.

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